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Tools for organizational analysis and project management

  • "Wow! Easy to get started!"
  • "AM/PM helps me build strong business cases for new projects"

OPS for Business

expanded management functionality for greater productivity

  • "A great way to add order to the chaos!"
  • "A perfect app for capturing the transactional work across our project teams"

CARE: Leader Rounding / Voice of the Patient

an easy-to-implement way to exceed patient expectations

  • "I LOVE this tool"
  • "With Proofpoint, we are responding to patient needs in minutes"

Occupational Health: Employer Information Portal

the 1-stop resource for patient visit management, workers’ compensation examination information, and “ability to work” reporting

  • "A huge time saver"
  • "The one communication tool every occupational health clinic ought to have."

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“Proofpoint helps our improvement projects achieve their intended goals”

“Helps complete the performance cycle”

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